Beau Biden Foundation Summer Youth Program Tips

There are still a few months left before school lets out, but many parents are already researching summer camps and youth programs for their children. Insuring your child is safe at camp is a major issue for many parents and caretakers. Every parent wants their child to enjoy the summer and participate in fun and constructive activities, but before you select a camp, it’s important to make sure you find out what safety protocols are in place to protect your child.

It is important to make sure the summer program you choose completes current background checks on counselors and staff. We know that often child predators seek employment that includes direct contact with children. Background checks are a critical tool for ensuring children are safe at summer camp.

Click here to read about background checks and other important questions to ask potential summer camp programs.

If the program is sponsored by child care centers or other facilities licensed and regulated by the state of Delaware, staff is required to undergo background checks as a condition of employment. If you’re not sending your child to a Delaware camp, check with your state board of licensing to see who regulates summer camps in your state. It’s also important to find out whether the camp has policies in place to responsibly monitor one-on-one, uninterruptible, unobservable interactions between adults and children — as well as between older youth and younger children. You should also determine what the camp policies are regarding social media.

No one wants to think about the danger to children in seemingly safe places — but awareness and education are critical tools in stopping the abuse of children from happening. Prevention of abuse is the Beau Biden Foundation’s mission. We want to make sure parents know what questions to ask summer youth programs BEFORE enrolling to help ensure their kids are safe.

Read our checklist here, and then be sure to post it to Facebook or send off a tweet to share it with other parents and families.

We hope this helps you prepare for the summer with more peace of mind about sending your child off for their summer adventures. Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook at Beau Biden Foundation or contact us here:

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