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Committees are the heart of the Greater Georgetown Chamber organization. Through them, projects are initiated and carried through to completion. They provide an excellent training ground for future officers of the Chamber and for leaders of the Community. It is a truism that a Chamber’s strength and influence can usually be measured by the character of its committees and the amount and quality of work they do.

Committee: If a project is of an ongoing nature that will carry over to future years, then the terminology “committee” is used. Committees are established to consider, investigate, recommend or act in regard to matters affecting the organization, its members, the city, county, state or country. Usually they report to the Board for policy decisions, but in some cases they are delegated authority to take appropriate action.

Task Force: If the assignment is the accomplishment of a specific task that will be handled in a reasonably short period of time, after which the members will be dismissed to service on other projects, then the terminology “task force” is used.

APPOINTMENTS: All task force and committee chairpersons are appointed by the President, usually with the concurrence of the Board of Directors. Together with the ED they outline and organize the assigned activities.While the President appoints the chairperson, the President normally delegates the appointment of the remainder of the committee or task force to the chairperson

Responsibility: The chairpersons are responsible for seeing that the activities assigned to their respective groups are carried out on time and within budget. They must evaluate their work and procedures and the progress of both the group as a whole as well as its individual members. They must be willing to give their time and energy in guiding and stimulating the group to produce. Accountability: Chairpersons are directly accountable to the President and responsible for coordination, performance and assistance to the Board of Directors. They shall not represent the Chamber in advocacy of, or opposition to, any project without the specific consent of the Board of Directors. Responsibility: Task force members are responsible for carrying out the task force’s assigned projects as set up in the program and approved by the Board of Directors. Each task force member is responsible for their phase of this work as outlined by the chairperson. Accountability: Task force members are accountable to the chairperson and may be dropped from the task force for consistent nonattendance of meetings without a valid excuse.

Committee Mission Statements

1. BYLAWS: The ByLaws of the Chamber of Commerce prescribes the democratic processes by which the organization operates. The Board of Directors will ensure the review of the Bylaws and procedures annually and to update the documents as necessary.

2. ETHICS: Seeks to create and sustain an ethical business climate for GGCOC Officers & Directors, Chamber staff, Chamber members and the Georgetown community by adopting a Code of Business Ethics. This Model Code is a statement of principles to help guide decisions and actions based on respect for the importance of ethical business standards in the community.

3. LONG RANGE STRATEGIC PLANNING: Develops the direction of the GGCOC over the next three (3) years and maintains these long range plans, including dues structures, policies and procedures, technology issues and other areas of concern that will affect the Chamber’s overall mission and goals. o Past Presidents Advisory Council: The former presidents of the Chamber are a valuable resource and through special council continue to participate and contribute to the organization. Works as an advisory board and should be consulted when issues require “historic” perspective andor past performance. This subcommittee should work closely with the By Laws, Ethics and Long Range Strategic Planning Committees.

4. BUDGET & FINANCE: Reviews and examines the financial affairs of the Chamber and prepares and presents to the Board at the end beginning of each fiscal year, a budget of estimates of expenditures and revenue for the ensuing year. Maintains financial management and fiscal policies of the Chamber and the operating and capital budgets, taxes, revenue, audits, judgments and claims of the Chamber. (Includes Fundraising, Sponsorship Development & VIP Partnership Program)

5. GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS & COMMUNITY RELATIONS: Reviews local, state and federal legislation that affects the membership, then makes recommendations to the Board to either support or oppose those pieces of pending legislation. The committee establishes and strengthens a mutually beneficial working relationship between the state, county and town governments, its members, and the business community.

6. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Utilizes the talents of Chamber members to identify, define, analyze, and address the issues and opportunities that affect the economic growth potential of the Greater Georgetown area. It promotes business with and between member firms, provides guidance and resources to members wishing to expand their operation, and assists Chamber members in implementing sound business practices via education, networking and advocacy. GGCOC is dedicated to creating and vigorously supporting an environment in which business can succeed and the quality of life is enhanced. To this end, the Chamber works hand in hand with several strategic partners to ensure that Sussex County is at the forefront of relocation choices and that businesses already here are encouraged to stay and expand. Retail Development: One of the cornerstones of a healthy economy is a strong retail industry and it gives the Chamber value to provide programs that will make its members able to profitably stay in business. Business & Community Education: Targets the relationship between business and education. Works to provide educational and training opportunities for business owners and managers. It arranges seminars and events that will expose the membership to new ideas and creative ways to do business. Works to address the important issue of a qualified work force by bringing business resources into the classroom and recognizing the need for business to work with educators. The Business & Community Education subcommittee assists in programs aimed at providing better schools and higher educational standards in the Greater Georgetown area Sussex County, and promotes better understanding between educators and the business community.

7. SCHOLARSHIP: Creates guidelines & deadlines for application reviews and evaluates applicants’ requests for scholarship and directs the granting of educational funds. Scholarship monies are funded by a variety of activities of the Chamber membership, including direct donations of funds, fiftyfifty drawings and targeted fundraising events.

8. MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Directs recruitment and retention of Chamber members, and develops and monitors services and benefits for members. Promotes membership growth and retention by defining and communicating the value of Chamber membership to prospective, current and former members. The committee works to ensure the source of life blood of the Chamber dues paying members is continuously kept primed.Ambassador Program: Serves as a welcoming committee which helps new members navigate the many programs offered by the Chamber.

9. TOURISM: Promotes, develops and coordinates year round tourism visitation to the Sussex County area, and creates an awareness and understanding of tourism’s effect on, and enhancement of, the local economy and residents’ quality of life.

10. PUBLIC RELATIONS & MEDIA: Provides a vehicle for the distribution of information about the Chamber to its members and the public at large. It will work closely with the Board to develop a multilevel program to ensure the publication of announcements and information.

a) WEB SITE: Markets the Chamber through media enhancements, improved advertising, and value added programs using the Internet as a tool for growth. Develops a program that will give Chamber members an opportunity to expand their customer base and generate income for the Chamber. The web site Chair oversees the timely input of new member information and for updating existing member profiles coordinates posting of Chamber, member and community events and news.

b) NEWSLETTER: This monthly publication is designed to inform members of business, state, county & town matters and to interest the community in Chamber events and to provide members the opportunity to promote and advertise their products and services. NEWSLETTER COORDINATOR: Facilitates the collection of articles and information for the monthly newsletter inputs information, and designs & formats the publication.

11. NOMINATION: Prepares a list of nominees from the membership at large and current Officers & Directors to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors.

12. PERSONNEL: Directs the recruitment of the Chamber Executive Director. Develops and maintains a personnel policy, compensation methods, and incentives. The Personnel Committee also aids in the annual evaluation and review process of all Chamber staff and addresses issues relevant to the Chamber staff.

Task Force Mission Statements

  • BREAKFAST/MIXER/LUNCH: Responsible for the scheduling & coordination of facilities, host sites & speakers for monthly Chamber networking events.
  • EASTER EGG HUNT: Responsible for strategic & operational planning and financial & fundraising planning for this yearly event.
  • DECADENT DESSERT PARTY: Responsible for strategic & operational planning and financial & fundraising planning for this yearly event.
  • FARMERS’ MARKET: Responsible for the scheduling and coordination of vendors and operational planning for this seasonal program.
  • WINGS & WHEELS-A Georgetown Fall Festival: Responsible for strategic & operational planning & fundraising for this yearly event.
  • CHRISTMAS PARADE: Responsible for strategic & operational planning and financial & fundraising planning for this yearly event.
  • CHAMBER HOLIDAY PARTY: Responsible for strategic & operational planning and financial & fundraising planning for this yearly event.

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