Sussex County Federal Credit Union Foundation

Sussex County Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce the formation of the Sussex County FCU Foundation, a charitable foundation organized for the purpose of supporting disadvantaged children and their families in Sussex County. The foundation's mission is geared to helping individual children in need with food, clothing, medical aid, etc. The foundation has partnered with several Sussex County middle schools to provide support where needed. "In reaching out to the middle schools, we hope to fill a void that seems to exist for that particular age group. We've been touched to see the dedication of school representatives in trying to help their kids" said Ashley Tyre, a representative of the foundation.

In addition to providing support to individual children and families in need, the foundation is committed to supporting programs aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged children including food banks, camp programs, school supply programs, and financial education programs.

The Foundation raises funds through donations, events, and dues of $10 per year. Membership is open to anyone interested in the mission of the Foundation. To join, you may email us at [email protected].

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